Ripley Academy of Dance/Drama Ltd

Terms and Conditions


1. We expect all fees to be paid during the first 2 weeks of each term. A surcharge of 10% will be added after that date to all outstanding fees. Cheque or cash payment only. Cheques are payable to, Ripley Academy of Dance Ltd./Ripley Academy of Drama Ltd., as per fees list. All fees (including. Term Fees and other activities) are non-refundable. Ripley Academy reserve the right to withdrawn tuition if fees are not paid by week 4 of term.

2. It would be helpful if fees could be sent in an envelope clearly marked with the students name and the class to which the fee is applicable.

3. All classes must be paid for. Fees will not be credited where a student is absent. If possible please inform the school by telephone or email if your child will not be attending a class.

4. Responsibility cannot be taken for pupils outside of class.

5. It is not the policy of the Ripley Academy of Dance Ltd./Drama Ltd. to accept or to continue to train students who are attending other theatrical schools or franchise outlets. It is neither courteous nor professional to accept and train a pupil currently attending another school without the prior knowledge and consent of their existing teacher. The dual training of any child may create conflict within the areas of teaching methods, technique and standard. Any pupil found to be attending additional classes without the consent of Ripley Academy of Dance Ltd./Drama Ltd. will be asked to leave. In these circumstances fees will not be refunded. We are happy to accept children who attend ballroom schools as this does not pose any conflict of interest.

6. No body jewellery or watches are to be worn in any classes.

7. Hair must be tidy for all classes. Ballet, Tap and Modern – hair in a bun. Street, Limber and Musical Theatre – hair in a ponytail. Drama – any tidy style accepted.

8. Uniform: Girls - Academy uniform leotard and tights must be worn for Ballet, Tap and Modern – Academy t-shirts may be worn for “warm up only” at the discretion of the teacher. Boys – Academy uniform leotard and leggings or shorts must be worn for Ballet, Academy jogging bottoms or jazz-pants and t-shirt for Tap and Modern. Academy tracksuits and t-shirts for Street dance, Musical Theatre and Drama.

9. Correct footwear is essential for health and safety and to enable pupils to perform to the best of their ability. Please check with the teacher.

10. Changing and waiting areas are situated close to each studio. These facilities are solely for the use of students and parents/guardians. We do not accept responsibility for students outside of lessons. Parents/guardians are expected to supervise their own children. We also expect them to be punctual in collecting their child. If students are left without supervision this is purely at the discretion of the parent/guardian. We do not take responsibility for students leaving the premises.

11. The school does not accept responsibility for lost items. Valuable items should not be left in the changing rooms. Please check lost property regularly.

12. Changing rooms (please treat with respect) - Place all rubbish in the bins provided.

13. Chewing Gum/Bubbly Gum and SMOKING are "BANNED" from the premises and the grounds of the school.

14. Pupils are expected to be punctual for all classes.

15. Pupils waiting for their class should be quiet and considerate to the dancers in the studio.

16. We would ask that you avoid disturbing classes once they have commenced. If you have a query please telephone the school between the hours of 10am and 3pm on 01773 745 108 / 01773 742 181 or 07841 755 312. Miss Cutting or another member of staff will be very happy to speak to you.

17. Courtesy and consideration towards all teachers and fellow pupils is expected at all times.

18. Performances/Examinations - Pupils participating must attend classes regularly and do their utmost to be available for extra rehearsals when required.

19. Students are encouraged to develop at their own pace and every effort and guidance will be given by our team of dedicated dance and drama professionals. All Academy tutors are CRB checked.

20. Auditions for vocational schools and other courses outside of the Academy perimeter should be discussed with Miss Cutting before attending.

21. Everyone will be asked to fill in a Registration Form when enrolling at Ripley Academy of Dance Ltd./Ripley Academy of Drama Ltd. Please notify the school of any changes to your contact details, in particular mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

22. The teaching of dance often requires the teacher to physically guide a movement by touch. Without this guidance the student may find it difficult to gain the correct posture and understanding of a technical requirement. Please inform a member of staff if you do not want your child to be guided in this way.

23. Please read the school notices and websites regularly for the latest information.

24. The use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated at the Academy.

25. Ripley Academy of Dance Ltd./Ripley of Drama Ltd. does not accept responsibility for damage to or theft from vehicles whilst parked on the premises.

26. In consideration for the safety of pedestrians you are requested not to park on the pavement adjacent to the studio premises. I have read and agree to abide by the Ripley Academy of Dance Ltd./Ripley Academy of Drama Ltd.’s Terms and Conditions as set out above.